FAQ – Customers

1. What is Hello 2.0?

a) An iOS / Android** smartphone application enabling a bar’s customers to anonymously break the ice with one another.

Please see the latest wireframes below:

App overview Jan-14 master

b) The thinnest possible technology layer overlaid on top of a normal social bar experience

c) Think of this as a huge improvement over speed dating as shown by table below:

in venue dating compared

(An unscientific survey 🙂 has determined that happy, fun and relaxed people are far more attractive to the rest of us)

** Please note that some Android devices using OS 2.3 (“Gingerbread” released Dec-10) or earlier may be unable to use this application. For published list of compatible devices, please see http://www.hello2dot0.com/hello-2-0-technology-update-list-of-compatible-devices/

2. How does it work?

– Venue books a Hello 2.0 dating event.

– Customers reserves seat(s) using smartphone application (reservation functionality launch tbc) or just turns up on the night

– Using the app, customers are able to call/message one another anonymously

3. Why is reservation (functionality released Aug/Sep-13) required?

– It is not required, you can still turn up on the night, but you are not guaranteed space

– It allows space to be reserved, similar to any bar or restaurant

– It allows venue and Hello 2.0 to maximize likelihood of 50:50 M/F ratio

4. Can I use venue Wi-Fi?

– Yes, or cellular data network

5. Why is this staged as an event vs an “always on” service?

– The initial event based launch allows us to roll out and test in a manageable way and maximise reliability and quality of service

– An event may also create “launch buzz” – and hopefully result in customers showing up 🙂

6. How is my privacy and data protected?

– You dont need to supply any data to use this service hence no privacy issues

– Unlike the NSA :-), we will retain zero call data associated with any device’s IP address

7. What if I get abusive calls/messages?

– Please report this to venue as appropriate or simply end call and decline any future conversations if the problem persists

8. How do you protect my personal safety?

– We do not, this is the responsibility of yourself and the venue

– The service we offer facilitates social interaction and nothing more

9. Who are you / How did you come up with this idea?

– The founder of hello 2.0 is a socially clumsy introvert when it came to dating and approaching attractive women in bars and nightclubs during his (fast diminishing) youth

– He was inspired by a bar in London, UK which used to have fixed phones on tables used by stag, hen and other “party focused” groups out on the town

– He wants to make it easier for fun and interesting, spontaneous and social interactions to take place. This is a bit of a social experiment if truth be told!

10. Can I turn up halfway through an event and join in?

– Yes, if space is available, no problem

11. Will you have hello 2.0 employees at each event?

– No, this is not speed dating. The main venue involvement in running the event is seating participants and then serving you as normal

12. What is expected male female ratio?

– We aim for 50:50 – the advance reservation process (when launched) facilitates this

– We cannot guarantee exact sexual equality however due to “no shows” etc

13. Who is target audience?

– Venues have the ability to create themes when booking events e.g. 25-35, fit and sporty, Professionals, Religious groups etc.

– So long as you like having fun and meeting new people, you are the target audience

14.  Will venues charge cover?

– Rarely, we leave this up to the venue (we don’t share this revenue!)

15. Can I invite friends to an event?

– Yes, reserve for how many seats you need – you will receive an email confirmation, you can then forward the email to them from

16. When are you launching in my market?

– We are severely resource constrained and have limited market intelligence

– We welcome venue suggestions that our service would work well in…see “about” page which tells you how to contact us

– We guarantee to follow up and reply to any / all suggestions

17. What if I’d prefer to attend a Hello 2.0 event alone – without bringing friends?

We understand, for some people, that sitting alone at a bar can be a little un-nerving

When arriving at a venue for an event, please make it known to the bar that you are on your own.

Where available, you will be given the option of joining a shared same sex table or sitting on your own if you’d prefer

18. I am female – should I wait to be called or can I call a guy I want to talk to?

Notwithstanding social norms and conventions, Hello 2.0 has the following views on this interesting question:

– If you call a guy and he comes across as frosty and / or implies that it is not cool for girls to “chase” guys, you have just quickly and efficiently determined that he is a jerk – and can focus elsewhere

– We are all guys here at Hello 2.0 and we would love girls to call us …