FAQ – Venues

1. I am a venue…What is hello 2.0?

– Your venue’s customers use the Hello 2.0 smartphone application to anonymously call and break the ice with one another … without disclosing their phone numbers, social profiles or any personal information

2. How is this different to say speed dating?

–  it is free

–  customers get to see and choose who they introduce themselves to (no more awkward 3 min forced conversations)

– We create a “real world, meeting new people, having fun with friends” event

3. How does it work?

– Venue books event.

– Customers reserve seats using smartphone application or turns up on the night

– The application, enables customers to call/message one another anonymously

4. How do you make money?

– Post Beta, we “plan” to charge sponsoring brands or venues a small price per seat to cover our costs of development, hosting, physical supply chain and consumables and leave us with a margin. We expect to charge < 10% of the incremental value we create leaving venue with 90%.

5. I am a venue, how do I reserve an event?

– Initially, please email mike@hello2dot0.com and we will add an event to the site to allow you to promote this. Once we build a venue booking engine, we will promote this URL to allow venues to book events

– First Booking (always Free of Charge!): Enter number of seats, cover charge if applicable, theme if applicable (eg 25-35 age range) date, time, duration

– Second booking, your customer ID and option to repeat first booking will make this super quick

– Only single event purchase is available at launch however subscription models will be developed as required

6. What are target venues

– Initially bars and restaurants, but we will roll out to other industry verticals as appropriate

7.  Will venues charge cover?

– We leave this up to the venue – Hello 2.0 will not seek to take a share of this.

8. How do you prevent non-attendees joining event remotely?

– Event joining passwords will be issued at the venue – this will ensure only those physically present will be able to access the virtual event

9. What’s in it for my venue?

– Cool factor 🙂

– Attracts customers who are expected to remain for bulk of 3 hr event

– Customers will likely buy themselves and each other drinks

– A new event to fill venue on slow nights or to make your venue even “stickier” on busy nights

10. Who are Hello 2.0’s competitors

– We are not aware of competitor that creates  “real world, meeting new people virtual events”

– There is a lot of innovation going on within the ambient networking space (Glancee, Highlight etc) however this is connecting individuals based on social profiles and Geo Location proximitiy instead of attendees who have logged in to a virtual event

– Alternative worthy dating channels include: online dating, speed dating (up to $80pp), hookup dating etc.

11. Who is behind hello 2.0?

– A Toronto entrepreneur and an excellent development and marketing team

12. Why is hello 2.0 event specific?

– This is to simplify market (Beta) launch and prove demand

– Phase 2 launch will likely involve experimenting with alternative delivery models e.g. Venues where the event runs 24/7

13. Will people turn up?

– Hello 2.0 will market the event using social media and other electronic cost effective means

– Electronic posters / flyers will be sent to venue to help them market an event in advance and we expect venues to use their facebook page / CRM tools to market this however they feel is most appropriate

14. When are you launching in my market

– Our timetable for expected launches will be published on our website

15. How do you pick which venues to launch in

– Based on market intelligence of where we see brand congruence etc

– Based on demand and end-customer suggestions

– During Beta, Hello 2.0 expects to artificially limit the availability of events which can be held in order that we grow our server and back office capacity in a rapid yet controlled manner and maintain quality and reliability to the end customer